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Pimville born & bred phants’ khona la-eMjiba (Joburg) and with their sights set on being a world-class creative agency that specialises in all-things authentically Kasi. Brand Spaza co-founders, Kamo and Sabelo have BEEN dreaming big, ever since they were I’ntwana (young boys).

A boutique through-the-line creative agency that offers strategy, insight and communication services that help brands connect with the local emerging markets in meaningful and impactful ways. Brand Spaza may be a new shop, but the gentlemen behind this hot-shop aren’t new at all in this business of branding and communications.

Best friends since high school, these two young men’s bond was strengthened by their shared experiences of being Kasi kids who attended Model-C Schools. Armed with creativity and wit, they “curated the vibe” even before the term existed back at school.

Their charismatic personalities, ability to be comfortable wherever and exposure to the best of both worlds, made it natural that these two were “branded” the cool kids at school. Seeing the power of a good story and the benefits of having a great brand, they fell in love with branding in high school and the love story has been going on, since.

After matriculating, they both studied at marketing and branding schools (IMM Graduate School of Marketing and Vega School of Brand Innovation respectively), where they were armed with qualifications and a lot of passion but had little opportunities to use them.

Instead of waiting for opportunities, they created one… one that came in the form of Shelen’the most redefined T-shirt brand that threw epic gear launch parties that were synonymous with “Ziwa Kuphi e-Soweto” vibe, during Soweto’s era of top parties.

Following the success of that brand, they both went to join the corporate world and honed their skill set by working with world-class brands. This experience complemented the street smarts and entrepreneurship spirit these two have always had. They now had corporate experience added to their array of already impressive skills.

Their next challenge saw them launch Keswa Branding Solutions, a sister company to Brand Spaza, that specialises in branding and printing solutions. And now here they are with their brand journey seeing their passion evolve into Brand Spaza.

Your brands gateway to the township

Our Work

Our Recent work

Brand Activation

Brand: Compral
Masters Soccer League

Brief: To create awareness for the Compral brand through our Soweto Masters League property and activate the sponsor brand within the Soweto township market.

Solution: Hosted a 3 week kasi soccer tournament activation through our property called the Soweto Masters Soccer League

Brand Activation

Brand: Bull Dog

Brief: To introduce and create awareness of the Bulldog Gin to a township market that has never been exposed to the brand and activate the brand by getting lips on bottles (60 bottles/10 cases) on one night.

Solution: Activated at a local pop culture event in Soweto Diepkloof that attracts consumers from around Soweto and branded the venue with Bulldog branding & furniture which would drive visibility, ambience and awareness as well as

Brand Activation

Brand: Kasi Music Tour

Brief: KMT is a lifestyle & music travelling turnup, from kasi to kasi taking the party, the lifestyle and the brands to the people which looks to promote brands across different living standard measures. Featuring some of the hottest & award-winning SA artists, across the popular genres. KMT is the perfect platform to be in the mix, to sample, to activate, connect & interact at the hottest movements in the main market.